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Work and Career Issues

Whether we like it or not, we spend more time at work than at home. For this reason, our work needs to be an environment we feel comfortable and safe.

Or is it? The fact is that a workplace has a bunch of people with different worldviews, personalities, and communication styles. The problem is that things do not always go as smoothly as you want. Workplace bullying occurs, and many people are affected by it.

Or you become the target of work gossip or see abusive behavior against a co-worker. Can you relate to any of the above?

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Common Workplace Problems

Here at Marriage Counseling of Miami, we have had many patients coming for work and career counseling, each facing different workplace problems. Some of these issues are:

  • Not having the right job fit
  • Going through mental anguish
  • Verbal to even sexual harassment
  • Low motivation for job dissatisfaction
  • Discrimination

These are only a few problems that can arise in the workplace, leaving people stressed, and it starts to interfere with their personal life at home. Eventually, that stress turns into anxiety and can even lead to depression.

"I went to see a friendly therapist for work issues with a co-worker at Marriage Counseling of Miami. They helped me to work through my concerns and helped me with coping skills to diffuse any arguments with the person before they started."

- Helen Johnson (Miami)

How Work & Career Counseling in Miami Can Help

Work and career counseling can help you better understand your wants and needs.

You will be equipped with alternative ways to handle all the tension at work while working.

With counseling, you will be in a neutral setting to discuss your worries, stressors, and fears and regain control of your life and happiness at work.

Psychotherapy can help to address workplace problems using talk therapy as it works well for treating anxiety and depression stemming from conflicts at work.

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With our mental health professionals, you can learn new coping skills to help manage your work-related stress.

Contact Marriage Counseling of Miami to explore work and career counseling with us today. You need not struggle through your daily work routine problems alone.

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