Divorce Counseling Miami

Divorce Counseling

Are you and your partner unsure if you should continue with your relationship? Then perhaps it will help to attend discernment counseling with us.

Divorce counseling in Miami allows you to make decisions from a healthier place.

Our therapists can assist you if you're uncertain about remaining married or would prefer to get a divorce.

Yes, going through marital problems is difficult, mainly when divorce occurs.

It happens when one or both partners struggle with their relationship, and deciding whether to stay or move on is difficult.

May you or your partner is leaning out and the other leaning it. So, let Marriage Counseling of Miami help.

Divorce counseling is valuable whether you decide to remain or separate ways.

"John and I have been going through difficult times for a long time in our marriage. We were at a point of getting divorced, and a friend of ours mentioned we go together for divorce counseling which we did. While we decided to separate ways, we walked out of the relationship with positive minds and still friends."

- Ann Jason (Miami)

Call Your Divorce Counselor Before The Lawyer

Once you decide to get divorced, you first find an attorney to gain more perspective on your permanent decision.

Still, placing your decision with a mediator or lawyer can be jumping ahead of yourself.

While we support the legal system, we still recommend you come for divorce counseling before taking the final step.

Visiting a discernment counselor can save you loads of headaches, costs, stress, and heartache.

Even if you both decide to move on, you may later struggle with new relationships and co-parenting.

The figures show that most second marriages fare worse than the first.

Hence, exploring a healthy split or reunion leaves you better prepared to manage the conflict on your future path.

Divorce Counseling Miami

So, it is best to explore those feelings before separating instead of harboring resentment, mistrust, or anger in future relationships.

Contact Marriage Counseling of Miami today to help discuss your concerns about moving into divorce.

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