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Grief Counseling

Grief comes in two chapters. First comes the loss, and the second is rebuilding your life. 

As you need to deal with your loss first, Marriage Counseling of Miami's essential step when working with any grieving person is to validate those sorrowful feelings to honor the person or something lost.

At this time, many questions arise. For instance, you ask all those "what ifs and why." Could you have changed the loss or even avoided it?

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The What Ifs Create Guilt and Regret

When going through grief, it bottles up complicated feelings with more questions arising depending if you lost a person, pet, job, and more:

  • Will my pain ever end, and is using antidepressants the solution?
  • Is my answer forgetting, and is there a meaning to my loss?

As grief counseling providers, our goal is to provide assistance to help rebuild your life that will make you thrive and still honor your loss.

Together we work to find practical ways for you to deal with your sudden grief, yearnings, and even your anniversary echoes.

Furthermore, we will look at different ways to help release those guilty feelings you may have about having fun.


"I lost my Bennie after being very sick. I did not know that my grief would leave me feeling so paralyzed. I felt guilty when laughing, but knew nothing would bring him back. So I went for grief counseling, and the counselors helped me understand how to go on with my life, not the loss."

- Marina Knoble (Miami)

Your Grief is A Universal Reaction to Your Loss

Grief is an intense yet personal experience, and the types of loss you deal with fall under a broad spectrum.

You can feel grief losing a loved one to a favorite belonging or a pet. Other losses are losing a job, divorce, abandonment, or destroying your home.

Hence, understanding the loss is sometimes complex and complicated. Furthermore, there are five stages of grief:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance
Grief Counseling Miami FL

In each stage, your time is personal, and each step must be handled and even appreciated for its role in your recovery journey.

One must start with denial to move on to the reality of your loss; grieving is needed to heal.

The important thing when going through intense grief is that you have the best support system to help you through those difficult times. 

Marriage Counseling of Miami is here to help you through your grieving process and has the experience with knowledge to help you get through your pain.

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