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Premarital Counseling

Hey, there, relationships are what we do here at Marriage Counseling of Miami! We have witnessed many emotions produced at the end of a romantic relationship scope.

You see the joy in the exhilaration of marriage with the love of your life. But, you also see the pain and grief when relationships disband as you envisioned the happy ever after. So, what is the problem with this picture? The biggest concern is the misconceptions and misinformation available in this world, as relationship advice is outdated.

We at Marriage Counseling of Miami want to change that and put together our premarital counseling course in-house and available online.

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What Can You Benefit From Premarital Counseling

At Marriage Counseling of Miami, we teach you how to hack all those love codes and secrets concerning the ever-lasting love that is science-based and very effective yet affordable.

Furthermore, we even help to separate parents and how they can transition from their partners to co-parents by engaging with an empathetic ear. Together you and your future partner can learn things you may have never known about each other.

You will discuss your plans and what you expect in the relationship. Some discussions during premarital counseling that can come up:

  • Is parenting
  • Finances
  • Future dreams
  • Family expectations
  • Religion and more

With premarital counseling in Miami, we equip you with new skills to help you communicate and diffuse any issues. We help couples to create magic with proper bonding that can last a lifetime.

 "I got married very young, and my marriage ended in divorce. So when my son said he was going to marry Lisa, a lovely girl, I insisted that they go for premarital counseling before getting married. Both of them are very happy I did as now they can go into the marriage with an open mind and loving heart for each other."

- Laura Doidge (Miami)

Love Conquers All

Yes, you have seen all those couples holding hands walking the street. Some are old and snuggling up together over dinner or even at parties.

These couples stare longingly at each other for decades and more. So, what is their secret. How is it possible they are still connected and all in love?

We can tell you!

Everyone deserves lasting love, and here at Marriage Counseling of Miami, we know how to make that romantic relationship last.

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Marriage Counseling of Miami has licensed psychotherapists to help you prepare for marriage.

We have approved and certified therapists that provide premarital counseling in Miami for engaged couples, married couples, or partners in a relationship.

We provide high standards to help couples work through their relationship with ideals about marriage before saying I Do!

Contact us now by completing the free online form or give us a call at our offices. 

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