Addiction Recovery Counseling Miami

What is Addiction?

At Marriage Counseling of Miami, we know how an addiction can take over your life.

In the United States alone, over twenty-one million people are suffering from some form of addiction.

These habits implicate health and relationships to even job loss.

But what is an addiction? 

An addiction is when you desire to engage in an activity or use a substance, even with negative consequences.

Addiction Counseling Miami FL

Marriage Counseling of Miami believes everyone deserves to live a happy life.

The problem is due to the guilt and stigma attached to addiction. As a result, many people struggle and experience feelings of worthlessness to shame.

Those feelings start to bottle up, and eventually, whatever you partake in becomes an addiction, for example, smoking.

It creates a vicious cycle, and escaping from it becomes problematic.

Let's work with you to diminish those feelings of addiction that can become a relapse.

The Marriage Counseling of Miami Approach

At Marriage Counseling of Miami, we offer a range of therapies to help you make sustainable changes to overcome your addictive behaviors.

With the help of traditional therapies, we can help to re-wire the brain as our diverse team of experts is always available to assist in those difficult times.

When you come for addiction recovery counseling in Miami, we create a mental and physical health picture that combines tests.

You will receive a bespoke treatment catering to your specific needs. Additionally, you will receive traditional talking therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy.

"I became addicted to anti-depressants after my husband passed away. After that, I could not go without it as I felt my whole world was falling apart. Still, I knew that it was taking over my life, and I finally told my daughter, who helped me to come in contact with an addiction and recover counselor to help."

Janet Welman (Miami North)

What to Expect During Treatment

At Marriage Counseling of Miami, we provide an outpatient service for you to still embark on your journey to recovery without disrupting your life.

You will receive a treatment plan where you can still fulfill your responsibilities, and it is your recovery and needs to be as comfortable as possible.

Enjoying life and nurturing supportive relationships help increase your chance to come out stronger.

The best part is you can test your newfound therapy skills in real-life. So let's help you recover from your addiction while enriching your life.

Who is Addiction Recovery Counseling of Miami For?

Recovery Counseling InVegas

Addiction and recovery counseling is for anyone ready to make a powerful and positive change in their life.

Yet, every addiction case is unique, but there are common symptoms seen:

  • If you feel you cannot cope without the addiction, the therapy is made for you.
  • You regularly need to use the substance or partake in the habit. Sometimes you even pass out without remembering.
  • You crave to such an extent that you cannot concentrate, and the only thing of your addiction.
  • You are dishonest about engaging in the activity or using a substance the whole time.

These are some reasons you need addiction and recovery counseling in Miami.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists for addiction and recovery in Miami. 

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